Sunday, October 30, 2005


Tonight we went to a bonfire after church. A couple in our church has it every year at their home, and invites all the people from church over.

We were supposed to bring hotdogs, buns, and a snack. I was going to make cookies or something, but I got distracted this afternoon and cleaned off the desk and did a lot of filing, so I forgot about it. But I did take hotdogs and buns!

We had a really nice time, and stayed later than we thought we were going to stay. I talked to a lady for quite a while, and was really enjoying the conversation, when Kevin came to tell me it was time to go. So *sniff* I said good bye. :)

Now that we're home, and away from the fire, my clothes don't smell too good. The smoky smell at a bonfire isn't bothersome, but once you're away from it, the lingering smell on your hair and clothes doesn't smell too good.

Bonfires are fun. :) It's the only time people want to eat burnt food! haha

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Tammy said...

Nope, no smores. I did eat half of a roasted marshmallow though. :)