Friday, October 14, 2005

Uh Oh...I've been tagged!

I had to think for this one! Thanks, Susan, for the tag!

5 Things I Plan to Do Before I Die:

1. Become a better Christian
2. Grow a vegetable garden
3. Learn more about gardening
4. Practice my flute, and learn to play it well
5. Memorize more Scripture

5 Things I Can Do:

1. Sew
2. Knit & crochet
3. Cook
4. Put up produce (freeze, can, dry)
5. Teach myself a new craft

5 Things I Can’t Do:

1. Cartwheels (I used to be able to kind of do them)
2. Whistle loud
3. Sing a solo
4. Speak another language
5. Talk on the phone and instant message someone else :)

5 Things That Attracted Me to My Husband:

1. His sense of humor
2. His voice
3. His personality
4. His love for the Lord
5. How he treated me

5 Things I Say the Most:

1. "Obviously"
2. "The thing is"
3. "I love you" (all the time--to my hubby!)

Sorry, I can't think of any others! I'm sure I have things I say all the time, but I can't think of 5 right now!

5 Celebrity Crushes:

Here, I have to honestly say I've never had "crushes" on any celebrity. I didn't grow up with much tv, and it was only after I got married that I started to know celebrity by their names.

Some of my favorites now (can you tell I like old movies?):
1. Jimmy Stewart
2. Cary Grant
3. Irene Dunne
4. Jean Arthur
5. Humphrey Bogart

5 People I’d like to tag:

1. Corene
2. Erin
3. Rebecca
4. Lydia
5. Sarah

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Corene said...

these make you think. they also help you know the other person better.