Monday, October 10, 2005

Standing in the Corner

Yes, that's me! Standing in the corner--but I promise I haven't been naughty, not one little bit! It's a special corner--just one corner in my living room, that I like to stand in, and only at specific times. You see, there is a heater vent in that corner, and I stand over it when the heat comes on. It sure warms me up! =)

Last Wednesday I talked about our hot fall weather. The next day the thermometer dropped from 85 to 55. Brrrrr...It's been in the 50's during the day, and the high 30's during the night. I was expecting a little more of a transition! Oh well!

The part of fall I am enjoying is the leaves that are turning. Fall is a colorful time of year!


Anonymous said...

yeah, I've been feeling chilled too. I have to be careful and not take too many hot baths. =)

Carolyn said...

Its in the high 80's here and I sure wish I could send you some! :)

Sarah Joy said...

Hee hee that's funny! Standing in the corner. We used to snuggle up to the heaters so much that all our bathrobes had melted spots in the backsides!