Friday, October 28, 2005

My Busy Day

I knew that today was going to be busy....I had an appointment at 9 and another one at 2.

The morning appointment was an interview at a temp agency. The office was very busy (which is a good thing!), and when I arrived home, I had a message from the lady who interviewed me saying there was a part time position that had just come in! I don't know if I'll get the position or not, but it's encouraging to have the possibility!

After my interview, I went next door to a thrift store that I had noticed when I pulled in the parking lot. It was a big store, and run by a local mission. I have to say that even in the midst of old clothes and furniture, I saw a Christian testimony. This thrift store is the cleanest, nicest thrift store I've ever been in, and it didn't smell! Thrift stores are usually so stinky. They had free coffee and hot chocolate in the back, and free pamphlets on salvation at the register. I was really impressed. While there, I got a set of brass candlesticks, a Rudy Atwood record, and a flannel shirt. I need to get some brass cleaner for the candlesticks. I have the perfect spot for them.

Then I stopped by the grocery store and got chicken breasts. They were $1.49 a lb. (boneless, skinless). I got $20 worth.

Home again, home again, jiggedy jog--for a short time to heat up my soup and have lunch. I jumped on the computer and said a quick "hi" to my sister and sister-in-law. (That's called multi-tasking. *grin*)

My 2 o'clock appointment was for an "orientation" at another temp agency, for a job assignment I'll be doing next week. I'll be doing registration at a woodworking convention. I know it's going to be a lot of work, but I'm looking forward to it anyhow. I've done registering at conventions in the past, and have always enjoyed it.

And then, I went by my regular grocery store, and picked up the rest of my groceries. Afterwards , I went to the fabric store to see if they had a particular fabric I've been looking for. They didn't. So I came home. And crashed. All that running around is wearisome!


Jeannie said...

Enjoy the job; should be fun meeting people and just being an encouragement to them as they arrive.

Anonymous said...

Just for your information Tammy, back in 1973 I had the privilege of leading songs at a combined Christian meeting with Rudy Atwood at the piano. That was a treat for me. Won't ever forget it either. Hope you will get the job and enjoy it.

Uncle Vic

Tammy said...

Wow, that is neat, Uncle Vic. I know Grandpa said that Rudy Atwood played at Zion Church once.