Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My Pretty Flowers

A week ago last Friday, Kevin came home with some beautiful flowers for me! I've enjoyed them so much over the last week and a half. Isn't my hubby sweet? :)


Anonymous said...

I dunno, Tammy...I never viewed him as sweet (although, I'm sure he is). ha, ha. But I was a mean ol' sister too. =) John doesn't do much in the way of flowers, but like yesterday he called and said 'wanna do lunch?' For me, that is really sweet.

tkrimms said...

We don't do flowers much (too expensive) but that makes getting them that much sweeter :-) Yellow roses are my fav :-)

Tammy that is a gorgeous arrangement!

Corene said...

I love those flowers. Once when I was sick Jesse brought in a rose that had two rose buds on it and a piece of palm leaf. They are plastic so I can proudly display them in the living room. It sure did help me feel better.