Saturday, October 08, 2005

Prepositions and Insulation

When I was learning prepositions in school, my dad would tell me, "A preposition is anything an airplane can do to a cloud."

Well, I have a new one! "A preposition is anything insulation and a blower can do in a bathroom."

We knew we needed insulation in our attic when we bought our house. Kevin went to Home Depot today and bought 20 bales of blow-in insulation. With the purchase of the insulation, we got the blower rental free.

We have steps going up to the attic, but part of the roof structure comes over the staircase, so there wasn't room to get the blower up to the attic. *sigh* Since we have a vent in the bathroom up to the attic, the hose from the blower was able to go up the vent.

So...back to our prepositions. Let's see...

Over the shower curtain
Through my mask
Up my nose
On the walls
In the toilet
Under the door

Basically, all over the whole bathroom! What a mess!!!

However, I'm thankful for the insulation in our attic. Hopefully it will help our gas bill this winter!


Corene said...

around the toilet base
between my feet
beneath the roof
against the wallpaper
above the rod
across the floor

I think yours are better Tammy

Tammy said...

Those are good too, Corene. That stuff is nasty, and I'm glad that it's a one-time job! Kevin got the worst of it in the attic, but I got plenty on me just putting the bales in the blower!