Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My kitchen curtains

Last Saturday, I finally finished my kitchen curtains. Actually, the valance is all that needed to be changed; the curtains have been finished for quite a while.

The valance I made was not wide enough, and didn't have any gathers in it. I bought extra fabric and extended the valance. It's nice and full now!



The curtains are actually a pair of pillowcases that were trimmed with lace. I have never used them, and I found them when I was looking through a stack of linens and curtains. They were the perfect length. All I had to do was open them up, sew the side hems, and hem the top. I sewed rings along the top, which makes the curtains easy to open and shut.


Anonymous said...

I bet you are much happier with those! Looks good.

Susan said...

They look great, Tammy! Very creative use of those pillowcases - I would have never thought of that!