Saturday, September 15, 2007

~Camera Frustrations~

My camera hasn't been focusing correctly for the past few months, which has resulted in way fewer pictures, because I get so frustrated trying to get a focused picture! Tonight I did a little digging around online, and wound up calling the Canon technical support line.

Basically, I found out that, though my pictures weren't blurry at Christmas time, dropping the camera then jarred something loose in the lens, and as I continued taking pictures, the lens continued further and further off course.

I can pay $107 for Canon to fix the camera, or I can buy a refurbished model (same as mine) for $85. Neither option sounds attractive to me. I looked online, and I can buy the same model I have for $90. So why pay more than the camera is worth to fix it, and why pay just $5 less for a used model?

I'm going to look into a local camera shop fixing the problem. Then I'll work from there. So if you've wondered why there are fewer pictures around my blog in the last few you know. *Smiles*

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