Tuesday, September 25, 2007

~How Clean is Your House?~

I just read through the book How Clean is Your House by Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie. I had never heard of this duo until Mrs. U mentioned them on her blog.

After reading this book, I realize that I'm not the snappiest homemaker around (certainly not the worst! there's nothing like comparing yourself with the worst to make yourself feel better! LOL). There's room for improvement, that's all.

Yesterday I washed the quilt on our bed. It took forever to dry! At least we have a washer and dryer that will accommodate the spread. It looks and smells so fresh now! Next on my war against dust is my hand-knotted canopy. I didn't buy it from Country Curtains, but they sell the same exact canopies (I got mine for a fraction of the price on e-bay). So anyhow, I called Country Curtains, and they told me to just throw it in the dryer on no heat. The lady who took my call told me that she puts a dryer sheet in with hers.

Last week I cleaned my living room and dining room thoroughly (well, I'm saving the windows LOL). This week is the kitchen. I started last night. Today I worked my way around the top cabinets, pulling everything out and wiping down the shelves. It is amazing how dusty things can get inside a cabinet! I also did a bit of throwing away, and pulling things to donate at a thrift store. I shuffled things around, and now my top cabinets are all spic and span!

Tomorrow I'm going to try to wrap up the cabinets and odds and ends about the kitchen. Hopefully I can get it all finished!

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Susan said...

They also have a TV show that we get here. It's disgusting! LOL I always thought I used to be a horrible housekeeper (and I was bad), but the people they clean up for . . . it's really bad!

Sounds like you're getting a lot of cleaning done. I've been taking some time each day to deep clean (not huge amounts of time, but it's getting done). I worked a bit in my bathroom today, and I just went in a few minutes ago just to look at my nice, shiny sink! LOL It does feel good to get things clean!

Sharon said...

I saw this show on TV once. Makes you want to dust everyday! :-)

theups said...

Ooohhhh!! I didn't know there was a BOOK, too!! I need to head to the library soon!!!

Mrs. U

Cherish the Home said...

I have this book too, it's wonderful! I think I've blogged about it when talking about dust mites.---Ewww!!

I miss their TV show it's not on anymore where I live. )o:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know about the book, I had no idea they had a book!! ; )