Saturday, September 01, 2007

~Felted Purse~

Ever since I've been knitting, I've wanted to make a felted purse. I found this pattern recently, (accessible if you join Knitting Daily), and kept it in mind. I bought my yarn at Hobby Lobby.

Here's the bag all knitted up, pre-felting:


As you can see, it did shrink, but not too much. The handle could be longer, but oh well. Now I need to find a perfect button and I'm all set. Overall, I was pleased with the pattern, though it says "beginner" but doesn't really have "beginner" instructions.


Carolyn said...

Very cute Tammy,
I've spent so much time sewing lately seeing your projects makes me want to knit again! :)

Anonymous said...

This is too cute! Thank you for sharing your project...I love to see what others inspires me to tackle new projects!


Three Sisters Blog said...

That's so cute!
I've been wanting to try felting.

Jeannie said...

So what, may I ask, makes it felted? Or how do you make it felted? Asks the non-knitter.

Mishel said...

I'm with Jeannie--as someone who doesn't knit, I don't know what "felting" means. But the purse is SO cute!! Love the colors! : )

Tammy said...

Felting is when you knit (or crochet) with 100% wool yarn, and then you shrink it in the washing machine (or you can boil it on the stove, but the washing machine method is far easier) using hot water. This causes the fibers to swell and mesh together, as well as shrink. The result is a heavy fabric (felt). The knitted item can be cut and will not ravel.

Jodi said...

This is adorable, Tammy. I love how the variegated thread marbled through the process. I can't wait to check out the pattern link when I have a little time. I've not tried felting yet . . . it's on the TO DO list [you know, the really big, someday list! ;o)]