Saturday, September 22, 2007

~Lake Michigan~

Today was a gorgeous day, just right for a last visit to the lake before the weather gets too cool. Last time we were at the lake, I wanted to go swimming so badly, but we weren't prepared. I waded anyhow. LOL

This time, we were prepared! The water was cold, but we got used to it after the initial shock! It was so fun to bob up and down with the waves. There weren't many people at the lake, it was so nice and peaceful. I don't enjoy crowds! We swam for about an hour or so, and then we headed back home.

We got a cup of coffee on the way home from McCafe. Pretty good coffee!

Now I need to go and prepare dinner for tomorrow, and get some ironing done. Have a blessed Sunday!


H.O.P.E. said...

Tammy Hi I check in on your blog often. I so enjoy it so much. You today were sharing how you went to Lake Michigan. I haven't been this summer, for I spent the summer in Florida with a daughter that needed my help in caring for the children. I live here in Mi. also. It is nice with the four seasons, though I would love to live near my grandchildren the only ones we have who are in FL. Anyway I might still try to get to Lake Michigan before the weather gets to bad. Thank you for sharing. Love & Prayers, Eileen

Unknown said...

Oh sounds like you had a good time!

Im also having a comment contest that just started with some cool prizes. Im just a normal blogger who was blessed and love sharing blessings