Tuesday, September 18, 2007

~Mail Box Blues?~

Do you get anything but junk mail and bills when your mail is delivered? It can be discouraging to throw out every piece of mail (or worse yet, get unexpected bills!). In this modern day of e-mails, text-messaging, and instant messaging, I think we often forget the power of the written word. As in, hand written word.

When was the last time you sent a letter or card to someone? There are times when I'm terrible about writing, and then there are times I'm a little better. It doesn't have to be an epistle! A little note of encouragement can mean the world to someone!

Challenge: pull out your stationery and write a little letter to someone you care about! I just did - my hand is a slightly sore from all that writing, but I know that my letter will brighten someone's day!

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Heather said...

Thanks for the suggestion. This is an aspect of my life that I used to be much better about, but of late I have gotten lax. It really does mean a lot more to receive a real letter in the mail. So I guess my goal for this week is to hand write a letter or two.
Thanks, Tammy!

Bethanie said...

My 13 year old causin and I have been writing back and forth for a couple of months now. I love to write letters.

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Hi Tammy, I found your blog through Scribit. You are SO right - it's a real treat to get something handwritten and personal in the mail these days. I write to someone occasionally, though not as often as I'd like. It's a little more fun when people write back, though. I think it would spur me on to write more. But I'll keep writing anyway.

Thanks for the reminder! :D