Wednesday, September 05, 2007

~Spring Fall Cleaning~

Do you deep clean in the fall? I typically do my deep cleaning in the spring, but this spring I didn't, and I find my house in need of some serious cleaning now. I don't want to wait till next spring! My house is picked up and surface cleaned, but there are too many dust bunnies running about my house! ;-)

Next week I plan on cleaning my house "from top to bottom" and then decorating for fall. Last fall and winter we were right in the middle of home improvements, and I couldn't decorate with either my fall or Christmas decorations, so I'm really looking forward to decorating this year!

Some things I plan to do:
***Pull off the heater grates and vacuum the ducts.
***Clean out my kitchen cabinets and touch up the paint on the doors.
***Clean out the bathroom cupboards and clean under the bathtub. (One of the bonuses for having a claw foot bathtub is that you get to clean under your tub! LOL)
***Thoroughly dust and vacuum in each room.

That'll keep me busy next week!


Ashleigh Baker said...

Oooh, I *love* deep cleaning... I get the itch every few months. This year has made it easier on me--we've lived in three different houses since February, so I've already had two brand new fresh starts. :)

Jodi said...

Sounds like you have a good plan. I remember your remodel project last year; I imagine you will have a lot fun putting out the seasonal decor in your "new" rooms. Enjoy! :o)

Anonymous said...

Something deep inside my being causes me to want to clean, organize, plan, rearrange furniture, paint, and redecorate during the transition from summer to fall, and winter to spring. It seems almost elemental to me as a person to cause a huge upheaval in my family in preparation for the coming season, but it feels so good when I'm done.

Since I was barely six weeks postpartum with my fifth child this spring, I didn't get to do as much cleaning as I would have liked, so I'm getting geared up for a whole month of cleaning and organizing, plus painting the bathroom and kitchen. I'll be thinking about you while I'm cleaning these next few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Tammy ~ yes, I'll be doing some deep cleaning, too, like washing all the country curtains and re-hanging (not my favorite task struggling with those rods!), closet cleaning, and organizing my craft area.