Monday, October 03, 2005


Last night before church Kevin and I stopped at a roadside stand. There were pumpkins and squashes galore! I picked out 3 pumpkins for our front porch, some mini-pumpkins to decorate the dining room table with and a pie pumpkin. Mmmmm…I can’t wait to cook that pumpkin. I love pumpkin!

I also got some bell peppers, and two different kinds of winter squash. They had great prices on everything. I’m glad we stopped!


Anonymous said...

pumpkins are very "fallish". lol, I know that isn't a word. I haven't gone looking for pumpkins yet. been busy. sigh, life. maybe this weekend. hope it is a nice one!

Corene said...

I remember growing up that Mom would have pumkins through out the entire fall season. She would use them in practically everything. I don't know if we will get any. It just seems like a lot of work.