Wednesday, September 06, 2006

~Christmas in September~

Yesterday evening I ran some errands, and stopped at Michaels. I spotted some wooden ornaments and decided to purchase a few.

Last night Kevin and I listened to Christmas music and painted the ornaments. We had a very nice time together, and I have to say that Kevin's artistic abilities far surpass mine! His ornament is the one on the left, and did not come with lines. My snowman did come with lines (which I was quite glad for!)

Kevin said that this was his first and last ornament. LOL I think he should paint some more!


theups said...

These are beautiful!!!

Mrs. U

deb said...

Very nice--all of them! Your husband's shadowing on his ornament really makes the stocking cap seem real! We've been listening to Christmas music today, too.

Arlene said...

I think both of you did a great job! I'm in the mood for Christmas now, and we haven't even had
Thanksgiving yet! :P

Paula said...

Awww, these will probably become a few of your favorites in years to come.

Annecourager said...

wow, they all look good!

Kevin's shading is really a great touch. I'm with you, I would need the "lines."