Monday, September 11, 2006

~Visit Length: 0 Seconds~

I have a stat counter installed on my blog, and enjoy seeing where people come from: what states/countries they are visiting from, the referring links they use, and the searches they make that land them at my blog. For instance, if someone does a web search, and ends up at my blog, I can see what they searched for. I get hits all the time from people who searched for a "flower washcloth" (a project I made and blogged about, see my sidebar). There must not be many flower washcloths out in the www! LOL

But something that I always wondered about was that so many of the visit lengths were from 0-5 seconds. If people were really reading my blog, it would take way longer than 5 seconds to read my posts! HA! Maybe I should have taken that as a sign to be less verbose?

Today I was checking out my stats, and chanced upon this:
Common problem with Visit Length Stats
If you only install the StatCounter code on one page of your website and your visitors never reload that one page, then your visit length will always be less than 5 seconds! It is highly recommended to install the same code on all pages of your website you want to track.

Aha! Problem solved.

I don't think I prevent this, because I only have one template to put the counter on. But it makes me feel much better! *Grin*


ampraisingHim said... the way...have you found the book that you were looking for about the canal boat girl...I'm sure interested in hearing about it!! :)

Tammy said...

Ampraisinghim, no, I haven't found that book yet. :D I'll be sure to post about it if I do!