Saturday, September 09, 2006

~Tea, tea, tea~

My friend over at And So it Goes... was offering chai tea to her blog readers. As in, a case of tea. I signed up as fast as I could. *grin*

Tonight Kevin came along when I went grocery shopping. When he shops with me, he doesn't stay with me, but comes and goes, depositing things in the cart. At one point, he found me in the tea aisle, where I was diligently looking the tea over, trying to decide which tea I wanted. You see, it's now fall, and cooler weather means more tea to be had. Kevin laughed at me, and reminded me that I'm getting a whole case of tea, why would I possibly need more tea?

Because, the tea I'm getting is all the same flavor! Gotta have more than one flavor to choose from!

You can never, ever, have too much tea on hand!

Or, can you?

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Kelli said...

I agree! You can never have too much tea!

Laura said...

Yes now that fall has arrived I'm definitely drinking more tea to warm me relaxing. I'm currently drinking Blackcurrant of my favs. Have you ever tried Mighty Leaf tea? It is amazing. Laura

Jeannie said...

I use the recipe in Extending the Table cookbook, p 31 Spiced Tea. I really like it, even iced. I find it helps to add the sugar as it brings out the spices.

Jenn said...

I will be sad when my pommegranate green tea from Republic of Tea is gone.... :( I love the packaging though, and the unbleached bags. The flavor is supberb as well. Y_U_M....gotta love cool weather!

theups said...

Well, I just visited your friends blog, too, to put in my plea for some tea. HAHAHAAA!!! I really LOVE Chai!!! That's my favorite!!!

Thanks for sharing!!

Mrs. U