Sunday, September 10, 2006


Fall is definitely here. I spotted this flower peeking out of these leaves during a walk this afternoon:

One of my gerbera daisies. I didn't notice the ant until I downloaded the picture!

My garden. The beans are about done.


theups said...

Once again, you've outdone yourself with your photos!! You have such an eye for GREAT pictures!! Thank you for sharing them!!

Also, your flowers are gorgeous!! Are they vincas? Too bad you don't have any daylillies!!! LOL!!

Mrs. U

Tammy said...

Mrs. U, thank you! :o)

I had to laugh at your daylily comment. Too funny. The flowers in the front are impatiens.

Annecourager said...

That is one of the main things I think of when I think of MI gardening...everyone in the Detroit area uses impatiens in their beds!

This is not a complaint; it looks stunning! :)

Arlene said...

Oh, I love your photos, Tammy! You should consider selling some of them to magazines or print shops or something; I'm sure they would sell! :)

rachel said...

the photo of the blue flowers and leaves is so beautiful...