Tuesday, September 04, 2007

~Redbirds and Rubies and Rainbows~

One of the goals on my 101 List is to read all the books on my bookshelf. I finally have a book finished!

Redbirds and Rubies and Rainbows by Marlene Evans is an excellent book for any Christian woman. Mrs. Evans deals with having proper attitudes, mind control, and true joy in the Christian life. She writes using many examples from her own life and those around her.

I think the lesson that stuck with me the most was that of "bronzing" good memories and not "bronzing" the bad moments in life. I have thought back to that many times since I read that, and I thought it was a whole chapter in the book. When I went to look for it just now, I had a hard time finding it, because it is only several pages in the book. My grandpa had a bronzed baby shoe and that really impressed me when I was a little girl, which perhaps is why this lesson stood out so much to me. In any case, I have been working to only "bronze" the good things. As Mrs. Evens pointed out, it is so easy to cast the bad memories in bronze and forget the good things.

I had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Evans, as well as hear her speak, at a ladies conference in California about a year before she passed away. I could see that the lessons she taught in this book were lived out until her death. Her ministry to women was remarkable.

I highly recommend this book! It is well worth the read!


Paula said...

Mrs. Evans was such an amazing lady! I still enjoy listen to old audio tapes of her speaking.

Mrs. C

Susan said...

I was blessed to hear Mrs. Evans speak several times, and although I don't have this book, I'm sure it's full of wisdom and insight for ladies. She was the picture of living triumphantly!