Tuesday, August 01, 2006

~August already?~

Wow, this year sure has been flying by fast!

Today was hot, hot, hot! I'm so glad I didn't have to do anything out in the heat!

Because of the home tour I participated in, there were a few questions about my home, and I thought I'd answer them/comment on the comments tonight.

Is that your house in the header, too?
Yes, it sure is! The house on the very left is ours.

Mrs. Blythe, I thought it was funny that you commented on my blog without knowing it was me. :) You really went through a lot of houses that first day, because every house I "tour" I see a comment from you. :)

I love your sweet kitchen. It begs for pies to be made in it!
Besides pumpkin pies last Thanksgiving, I haven't made any pies. My kitchen usually begs me to just get the dishes finished before I go to bed. ;-)

I'm jealous! Your house is so clean and crisp! Please tell me this is just because you knew we would be stopping by for a visit!
Well, we had company the Saturday before, and I had gotten the house in tip-top condition, and had consciously kept up with the every day clutter. If you had visited my house about 10 minutes before I took the pictures, you would have seen a few things out of place and a few dishes on the counter. I try really hard to keep the living room and dining room clutter free any how, but it doesn't always look so tidy! Trust me. If you want proof of the fact that my house isn't always neat, go look at the pictures of me in my photo album. They are almost all outside - that was for a good reason! LOL

Is that a stained glass above your couch?
Yes, it is. There is an awning over the window that I would like to remove, so that the light will come through the window during the day. I do like it, but it makes it challenging to put pictures on the wall!

There were many comments about our wood floors. That was one of the selling points for us: that, and the front porch!

Picture above taken at work today.


Arlene said...

I love your floors, too. They're so shiny and pretty; what do you use for polishing/cleaning them?

Mrs Blythe said...

Lol, I did visit a lot of houses, it's school holidays here and my kiddies were otherwise occupied, I think I read 100, so my mind was boggled.

Tammy said...

Arlene, mostly it was the flash bouncing off the wood. *Smiles* I just clean them with Murphy's Oil Soap.