Tuesday, August 29, 2006

~A Year of Color: "Inchworm" Green~

Well, having seen that everyone's interpretation of "lime green" is very different, I've decided to go with a picture that I took earlier this summer.

If I come across a great "lime green" photo op, I have my camera in my purse with fully-charged batteries!


Mrs.B. said...

Great picture! I like the water droplet at the bottom. (o:

Mrs. U said...

Great interpretation of lime green!!! I would not have thought of a tomato!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Mrs. U

momrn2 said...

Nice picture!

Thanks for stopping by "My Quiet Corner" and leaving a comment.

It was nice to have you!! Please feel free to stop back by again anytime!

Happymama said...

I have a lime gree cowgirl hat you could take a picture of.....if you were here. :) Oh well. I like the tomato picture too.


Elly said...

I was ACTUALLY going to leave a comment that day and tell you to get a pic of an unripe tomato! Good choice!~smile~

Jammy said...

Hey Tammy,
I have something lime green for ya! My blog! EWWWW....I HAVE GOT to figure out how to change it and soon.



ampraisingHim said...

Wonderful picture....love the water droplet!

By the way, have you found the book about the canal boat girl?

Tori said...

Very nice!

Holly said...