Tuesday, August 22, 2006

~No time to write?~

I know what it feels like! Ahhh...these last few weeks have been a little hectic for me! Could you tell? I have hardly been posting/commenting! I think things will slow down for me a bit sometime soon! At least, I surely hope so!

As I read blogs today, I read three different blogs whose author gave the announcement that they are either going to be sporadic in posting, or leaving the blogging world all together. I honor their decision to give up a fun hobby and replace it with activities that are more important.

Blogging sure is fun, but unless one is making money off it (and there are some bloggers out there doing just that), it's something called a hobby. And, according to Webster's dictionary, a hobby is "something that one likes to do or study in one's spare time". On the other hand, riding a hobby means "to be excessively devoted to one's favorite pastime or subject."

In the almost year that I've been blogging, blogging and reading blogs has bounced back and forth from "riding a hobby" and a "hobby". Right now I can say it's a "hobby". Of course, I say that, but here I sit at 11:20 p.m.! :P

Ok, so this sounds like a preachy post. Please know that these are just some rambling thoughts I jotted down, so please don't think I'm pointing my finger at you. I learned in 4th grade that when you point, three fingers are pointing back to yourself. (That's why my 4th grade class all pointed with our whole hands, not just our index fingers! ROFL)

Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

Hobbies can easily become obsessions in the right hands. Why are all those fingers pointing at me? ~*smile*~

Arlene said...

LOL, I thought they were pointing at me, Sabine! ;o) We did the same thing when I was in school, it's funny knowing that we weren't the only ones! :P

Mrs.R said...

How true!

Sonia said...

Just true!

His Grace Abounds said...

Hi Tammy..good post. I find blogging (much as for any writer) has it's 'busy season' and a season of needing to pull back. Actually, with the photo on today's post, I was just inwardly lamenting how writing in a paper journal has pretty much evaporated (and that can be a very good tool!). I have more than one blog (one at daughter's, one at husband's communities) and it's TOO MUCH!!! I'm pruning back. Good post.

Mrs. C said...

I feel your pain, Tammy!

P.S.~ I've tagged you over on my blog!

Julieann said...

I agree with your post. It is a hobby for me, plus I love to read other women's blogs. Your's was one of my favorites that I came upon:) I also like to write in mine because it is so fun to go back and read what I was doing that day--plus now that I am moving, I keep writing about that, so I know when I am finally settled in my new home---It will be intersting to read it again, my frustrations and all:)Oh, the joys of moving across country.


Mrs.B. said...

Very true!

It seems to have hit everyone at once because these last few weeks have been quiet on the blogs. Of course I think some of that is the new school year starting.