Monday, August 21, 2006

~Summertime on a Front Porch~

...a cardinal's trilling song
...a goldfinch off in the distance
...the whir of hummingbird wings (coming to my feeder!)
...the click of knitting needles

...and jarring me out of my occasional motorist who thinks that I would enjoy his music too!

I found this bench marked way, way down from it's original price! I praise the Lord for the good deal! I know I will enjoy sitting on my front porch now (much more comfortable than sitting on the top step!)


Mrs.B. said...

Aren't those kinds of deals just the best!

I loved your list of summer.....and can so relate to the music thing. Sometimes I'm tempted to bring my speakers outside and jam Hymns or classical music and see how they like being forced to listen to someone elses music!

LOL Don't worry, I won't really do it....but I fantasize about it! (o;

Amy said...

LOL!!! Mrs. B, I often fantasize about doing that very thing! Our new neighbors tend to listen to rather loud "heavy metal" when the friends are over. *Thank goodness* their porch is on the other side of the house. There have been times I've needed to scoot my kids inside because of the music and bad language.

Arlene said...

LOL, Mrs. B, Amy, and Tammy, I actually do turn up my good ol' fashioned music when people drive by with their garbage blaring! :P My hubby always makes me turn it down, though! :~)

I love your bench, Tammy. Are you planning to get a cushion for it (or make one, since you're so crafty, you know)? And, why isn't there a picture of you actually sitting on it??? ;)

Sarah Joy said...

Good point on the blaring music. We had some neighbors who have karoke parties until the early hours of the morning once. And they were usually pretty sloshed when the singing started. NO FUN!
The bench is very welcoming! I want to sit on it with you and chat!

Christine said...

What a lovely summer seat! Aren't porches so delightful? I love the idea of knitting on the porch.

Mrs. C said...

Hope you enjoy your new bench seat before Old Man Winter comes knocking on your door! LOL

I'm glad you were able to find a good deal; those benches can be expensive, even at yard sales!

Calla Lilly said...

I could almost imagine myself there until you mentioned knitting needles. Oh, for skills I do not have - yet. :)

Julieann said...

Oh, The bench is lovely:) Your summer list was great.


FrequentReader said...

Love all your photos!

Tammy said...

Mrs. B, how funny. "Jam" and "hymns" just don't seem to go in the same sentence. LOL

Amy, cars driving by are one thing, but noisy neighbors are so hard to deal with!

LOL Arlene...that sounds like something my husband would do if I tried that! I have thought about a cushion, but I'm not sure if I'll make one or not.

Sarah Joy, I'd love to sit and chat with you!

Christine, I just love my front porch! The bench makes it even more inviting to spend time out there!

Mrs. C, oooh don't talk about winter yet! I'm lovin' my summer!

Calla Lilly, it's great for reading too! :)

Thank you, JulieAnn, and Jenn!

annecourager said...

....what about if a bunch of Scottish bagpipers get together every Tuesday night down the street to practice?

They ain't NO drownin' the sound of THAT out, with Christian OR Metal!

Tammy, at first I thought that was "The Bench" !! (where you did all your courting!)

Tammy said...

Anne, Scottish bagpipers' music is "cool" though, right? LOL

I'm not sure if my parents still have THE BENCH. It might be around still!