Friday, August 04, 2006

How fast can you type?

I found this free typing test here, and took it recently. You have several options for the test. I did my best with the 1-minute test--76 words per minute and pretty decent accuracy. It's funny--I type all the time, and I thought I would be typing faster by now. In years gone by, I have clocked in at 90 wpm (forget about accuracy though! LOL)

So how fast can you type? Try it, it's fun!


Mrs.B. said...

That was fun Tammy! I did the test twice because the first time I choked....only 40 wpm because I typed too fast and missed a lot of words! The second time I slowed down. I typed 67 wpm and only missed 2 words! (o:

Jennifer said...

How funny I was also 67wpm with only 2 words missed!

spaycee said...

66 wpm (69 gross) with 95% accuracy. (3 words missed)

Mrs Blythe said...

wow Tammy, you're fast! I took the test a few times and I vary between 55-65 wpm. I used to be a PA, but it was the secretary who used to do most of the typing, so even then I probably wasn't that fast. Now I only use the computer when blogging so I've got stiff old fingers.

This was fun!