Thursday, August 24, 2006

~How do I...~

How do I find a book that I don't know the title of, nor the author?

When I was in 3rd and 4th grade, my dad was the principal of the Christian school that I was in. We had one car, so this meant that I often stayed after school until my dad was finished with his work. I entertained myself in varying ways, but one of my favorites was the very small library (which was pretty big to me then!).

I read, and re-read, a book about a little girl whose parents and she lived in a canal boat that they pulled with a donkey (or horse). The little girl's job was to ride the donkey down the canal. She had to wear pants, because the only saddle they had was a normal saddle. While she rode the donkey, she knitted a blue sweater for herself. She couldn't wait to wear it! Then someone saw it and wanted to buy it from her for their daughter. She made the decision to sell it because she would be able to buy a side saddle and then she could wear a dress every single day!

I'm sure it's a pretty old book, but I don't know when it was published. I was browsing through the library a few days ago, and saw a book by Louis Lenski called Houseboat Girl, and that got me to thinking of that book. (This book is not the book I read, I'm sure of it.) I'm pretty sure it was a "Canal" boat and not a "house" boat, but it could have been called a houseboat. I just want to find that book!


rlhilliard said...

you know...I was under the impression that you were homeschooled your whole life.

don't know the book...sorry...

Tammy said...

No, my mom started homeschooling me when we moved to California (starting with 5th grade).

Anita said...

Tammy, try this website:

Would you please post the answer if you find out? This post has got me wondering about a book I loved as a child too! :)

ampraisingHim said...

I too am interested in knowing if you found the book....I love those types of books.