Tuesday, August 29, 2006


So many people say, "Oh, I'm not creative, I don't know how to sew." But really, creativity does not mean that you know how to sew, or know how to do any other particular craft. Creativity comes in many different forms.

cake decorating
candle making
card making
flower arranging
soap making

Those are a few forms of creativity that I could think of off-hand. If you think of others, post them in my comments, and I'll add them to this list.

Obviously, one person can not do everything on this list. Each day God grants us just 24 hours. Time, money, and talent constraints are upon most everyone. Many of the above-listed forms of creativity can be simple (gardening--growing flowers in a pot or your porch) to elaborate (a yard with multitudes of beds and flowers). It all depends on how much time/money/talent you have! Growing a few flowers in a pot can be just as satisfying as a whole yard full of flowers! In fact, it's more satisfying to do something well in a small way than to half-way succeed in a big endeavor!

Sometimes a class is a fun way to get started, to learn the skill and to see if you want to continue on your own. Many stores offer classes--just keep on the lookout for them. Soon I'm taking a class in gardening at a local nursery. I'm really looking forward to learning more about gardening in this way!

Have fun being creative! Find some way that you can be creative, and you will feel greatly rewarded!


Elly said...

Thanks Tammy. I love to sketch in colored pencils. I am not learned in needle crafts..it takes time and patience. With an autistic child...I don't have alot of time! This post helped me feel good about what I can do! I make homemade cards and illustrate bible verses for our home.

org junkie said...

Don't forget organizing!!!!!! :)

Emma said...

Hey Tammy, you are so very right. I have been thinking about this myself the last couple of days. I have been longing to be creative and not allowing that the things I do are creative.


Amy said...

I've often seen people who say they could never knit, or sew, or crochet because they aren't "creative". Well, you don't need to be a creative person to do any of those things - you just have to learn to follow the patterns!! Picking fabrics, colours, trims etc. requires an eye for colour and proportion etc. but even those things can be learned to a certain extent.

ampraisingHim said...

Thank you so much for this encouragement. During the past six years I have taught myself to quilt (tie), crochet, and this summer I started container gardening!! I am one that has had one pot of two geraniums (actually pelargoniums) and a vinca vine all summer and loved it completely. If you read my blog you can tell, that I loved it and that I'm going to expand more next year. This summer I moved into a house that had lots of flowers already planted BUT I wanted to grow a couple of my own from my own design, and own pickings, etc. I am so happy that I did. IT was so much fun. I also made three cotton slips this summer, but the skirt I tried has been harder!! Thanks for this post!. I am very encouraged and feel much better.

spaycee said...

Oh Tammy! You are so right! I love to write. I got into stamping last year. I tried to learn how to crochet...but I just can't do it. I tried to get rebecca to take a class with me last year...but she said no :) Maybe if I geocache...hmmmm j/k!

Tammy said...

I'm so glad that this post was an encouragement to some! I meant it to be an encouragement. Keep on having fun doing what *you* enjoy! :)

Mrs. U said...

Tammy, this is a WONDERFUL post!!!!! I AM creative!! WOOOHOOOO!! Praise the Lord for His wonderfully creative gifts He gives!!

Mrs. U

Christine said...

Your posts are always a joy. Thank you, Tammy!

RANDI said...

What a great list of creative things to do! I think that everyone is creative, but you have to take the TIME to figure out what you can do and what you enjoy!