Thursday, July 20, 2006

Comments on Comments

Remember my little comment problem? Apparently it's something that is getting out of hand across the blogging world. I regularly read Yarnstorm, a very lovely knitting/sewing/quilting/embroidery/cooking/baking/gardening blog. This post from today surprised me. Because I read the blog from bloglines, I rarely comment, so I rarely see the comments. Yarnstorm is almost never controversial--certainly I didn't expect that she would be getting negative anonymous comments! So far the comments on that post are up to 120, and they are all positive!! It really is too bad that there are others out there sowing seeds of *unkindness* around the blogosphere!

Similarly, Annecourager wrote a post regarding trolls. Let's all do our part to make blogging a fun experience for others! I don't want to be guilty of leaving unkind comments behind me! My mother always said (and I imagine yours did too), "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

I didn't intend to bring this subject up again. Truly, I am not upset about the matter. I'm just puzzled, more than anything. And I can't tell you how one semi-unkind comment on my blog just made me laugh and laugh. I laughed every time I thought about it. I really did! LOL I'm a dork, I guess. I'm even laughing now.

Oh, and by the way, I want to thank all the sweeties who leave such nice comments in my comment box! I try to respond, but don't always do the best job at it. Please know that your comments are greatly appreciated!


HopiQ said...

Yikes! It does seem a bit scary to put yourself out there in blogworld. Thank you for being your fun, sweet self and letting us see glimpses of your life and love for the Lord.

Sorry if I'm 'tooting my horn' (hehe) in telling you that through a friend I found a fun/silly quiz on finding out what tea fits your personality. I know you love tea, too. Skip over to my latest post if you have a minute and haven't already seen this quiz. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no. I can't believe anyone would be mean to you Tammy. I hope it wasn't me with my dry British humour??? What a sad thing that people put mean comments under anonymous. We need to be so careful what we put on other's blogs and on our own. I'm not saying we should be restricted too much in what we write about as we are all entitled to our opinions. But a recent opinion that not all babies go to Heaven brought up a whole load of grief I thought I had dealt with. I know that this was NOT the commentor's aim, she would not mean to hurt me I'm sure. But it is this type of thing that can devastate a person who maybe does not have the support that I have in my life. We really need to think carefully about what we post and what we comment. Thank you SO much Tammy I am going to be so careful how I comment in the future. Sometimes if we disagree or are angered by something it is maybe better to hold our typing (I was going to say 'tongue' lol).

Having said that I do think that some political and theorizing blogs do seek to stir up discussion and controversy. But certainly not yours Tammy, it's always lovely and gentle.

Blessings. Hmmm really lots of food for thought here Tammy. Thanks for sharing the two links too, I did read them, very good.

Cherish the Home said...

I don't understand why 'trolls' do what they do.....what is the fun in trying to tear down a total stranger. Because trolling is WAY different than just having a dissenting opinion. I've seen trolls harrass people on their blogs for months on end...quite sad really.

Maybe they're emotionally unbalanced or maybe they just need to get a life!

Anonymous said...

Sis. Tammy...I"m so sorry to hear about this!! I know that it happens though. Although I've not faced it on my site...I know that I have dealt with some controversial subjects in the past and everyone has been nothing but kind...even though there have been some that did not agree. I think we should only be so kind...and like Jessica told me last night....if a person doesn't agree...they don't have to comment!! They can just be quiet!!! I love you Sis!!

Tammy said...

My dear Mrs. Blythe, I was not referring to you or any of my regular commentors. :D I love your wit and humor!

cherylharrell (Mrs Harrell) said...

I could never post any bad comments on any blogs. Because I am fearful of folks putting down my faith or interests I disabled comments on my blog. Don't let the naysayers get ya down. You & the other bloggers on here seem like such sweet Godly women & I am glad to read your blogs... :)