Saturday, July 15, 2006

Growing, Growing, Growing...

I praise the Lord for how well my little garden is doing!

Today I counted 41 tomatoes on my plants. There are still many blossoms as well.

Here's a wee little bean. This little fellow is a tad longer than one inch.

My flowers have taken off as well. We've had higher humidty the past few weeks, and the impatiens seem to like it.

Next year I'll make sure to plant both sides at the same time. This side is one week behind, and there is quite a difference.

Today was quite warm, and I spent about an hour weeding. Even though I was working mostly in the shade, I was quite tired afterwards. The heat really saps your energy!


Tori Leslie said...

Wow, your garden is growing like weeds. :0)

I love the flowers, they're lovely.

Susan said...

It's looking great, Tammy! My flowers are growing, but I got them in so late that I'm afraid we won't get to enjoy them fully. I'll just come look at yours! ;)

Lisa said...

Your garden looks really great. I had tomatoes but the deer decided that they looked too delicious and helped themselves to ALL of them on one plant. I only have two early and late. lol

Kristi said...

Everything looks beautiful. The Impatience are lovely. Those are my favorite. Mainly because they're probably the only plant/flower that I can grow. LOL

Those tomatoes look like they would be ready to make into fried green tomatoes! :)


theups said...

Tammy, your plants look WONDERFUL!! Oh, and those impatiens!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! My parents always have impatiens but I can't grow them here- we are full sun. Impatiens remind me of home. :)

Mrs. U

Roberta said...

Very nice garden Tammy! :) Do you think using miracle grow on the later impatiens could possibly bring them to be more the same? (Not that it matters all that much they are beautiful). I am curious though why "impatien" for such a pretty delicate flower?

Roberta said...

Interesting! Thanks Tammy! :)

Tammy said...

Tori, my weeds are growing like weeds too! LOL


Aw, Lisa, sorry the deer got your garden! NO fun!!!

Kristi, I've only had fried green tomatoes when I was little. I'm hanging on for the delicious RIPE RED tomatoes!

Mrs. U, I love impatiens too! Sorry you can't grow them! Do you have a porch that you could grow a pot of them on?

Allison, I hope your fall garden does great!

Roberta, here's info from Wikipedia:
"The plant derives its scientific name Impatiens ("impatient") and the common name "touch-me-not" from the plant's seed pods. When the seed pods mature, they "explode" when touched, sending seeds several metres away."

Cherish the Home said...

Everything looks great Tammy! Good for you.