Saturday, July 15, 2006

Peace Lily

While out shopping today, I bought a small peace lily for my hallway. I bought a small plant for a good reason: if I kill it, I'm not out a lot of money! *Grin*

I just need to keep it alive, and then I have another item off my 101 List. But how long does it have to stay alive to count as keeping it alive? If I keep it alive for over a month, that would be better than any other houseplant I've had! (With the exception of aloe vera plants, which I have managed to keep alive.) We'll see how long it lasts!


Sarah Joy said...

My mom could never keep aloe vera plants alive because they are so much fun for little fingers to pinch! (Smiling innocently)
I have killed every single green item that has come into my home-in a month.
bad me.
Better luck to you!

Paula said...

If you beat your previous record, I would go ahead and mark it off your list!

Mrs. C

Cherish the Home said...

LOL Tammy, you're so funny!

Tammy said...

SARAH JOY! Nice to see you! :)

Tori Leslie said...

I'm in our boat, I kill most things in a few months.

My Mom on the other hand could grow anything. She used to work for a groceries that had a florist and she would take the dead plants home and resurrect them. Our house was totally green.

Sadly I got her nose but not her green thumb!