Thursday, July 20, 2006

Just Stuff

Well, I feel completely idiotic, but did you know that if you click on the time of a post (in Blogger, anyhow), it directs you to the permanent link to that post? I just figured that out today! LOL I guess you learn something new each day!
Tonight I asked Kevin if we could do something "fun". It's been a while since we've done something just to have fun together. We went mini-golfing and drove go-carts. We had a very fun evening together! (That makes something I can cross off my 101 list!) I have never driven a go-cart, but found it quite fun! Oh yeah, Kevin beat me at both racing and golfing. *Grin*
I have a sunflower growing in my side flower bed! I have kept my front flower beds and my garden weeded and tended, but I haven't done anything to the side flower bed this year. However, some of the bird seeds that were dropped are growing. I'm just letting them grow, for two reasons: I'm curious as to what they are, and since I haven't weeded the bed, why take out perfectly good plants? =P
This post has been quite a rambling post. *Smiles* I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Cindi said...

Your sunflower made me smile because I looked out in our front yard last night and found one growing under the tree we planted two years ago. I didn't plant any seed there so I guess a friendly bird dropped it. I showed our family and we decided it was so pretty we would leave it! Don't you just love surprises!

Arlene said...

LOL! Tammy, don't worry; I love reading other people's random posts... it makes me feel less alone! :P

Our trip to Mt. Fuji went really well, and I will be posting pictures soon. I have some housework to catch up on first, though... using blogging as motivation to get it done; is that bad or what? LOL, I can't help it that I love to write and see what others have written! :~)

Amy said...

You just answered a burning question of mine. I've been wondering how to link to a specific post. Thanks!

Tammy said...

Amy, glad it helped you! :)