Sunday, July 23, 2006

Laser Lemon

This week's color: Laser Lemon.

Of course, lemons are the first thing that came to my mind:

Lemon-scented dish soap too:

Whenever I see Joy dish soap, I always recall the verse, "The joy of the LORD is my strength."

Next time I think I'll take my pictures elsewhere. I felt odd taking pictures in the grocery store! LOL


Kristi said...

Tammy, just put a pencil behind your ear and tell them you're with the local paper. LOL

Tori Leslie said...

How funny, I haven't see Joy dishsoap for years, we don't have it in Croatia.

I love the soap picture, the shine of the bottle and the bright yellow is great.

What's the next color on the calendar?? ;0)

TheNormalMiddle said...

Year of color, that was a neat idea...I am glad you passed that link on, I'd not heard of it yet.

Also, you won the copy of Night! :) Email me your snail mail at coxclan5 ATTT northstate dot net! :)

Cherish the Home said...

I like the joy picture too!

Cindi said...

Don't forget your sunflower is yellow also!

Cherish the Home said...

LOL I had already taken a bunch of white pictures and then came here and realized that white was last weeks colour. Duh!!

But I decided to post my white pictures on my blog anyway and now I'm on the lookout for yellow.

This is such fun.....I am still having a hard time figuring out how to submit them to the group.

**sigh** It's tough being computer-challenged! LOL (o;

Tammy said...

Happymama...that's a good idea! Hehe...we had just come from church and were picking up some things for the next day. I think that my church dress would have given away the fact that I really wasn't from the newpaper. LOL

Cindi, I thought of that too! But I still wanted to get other pictures. :)

Mrs. B, your pictures are fantastic! I love them!!!

Cherish the Home said...

Aww thanks Tammy....*blush* you're so sweet. (o: