Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Thunder and Lightning!

Last night we experienced a good 'ol midwestern summer thunderstorm! Once everything got into full gear, the sky was lit with intermittent flashes of lightning with no breaks in between. The thunder claps were so very loud! And then, of course, our power went out. At least we weren't alone--an estimated 250,000 homes in West Michigan were without power as a result of our storm!

I was right in the middle of a sewing project when the power went out. Wouldn't you know? I procrastinated and put off that project for over a year, and when it was nearly finished, I couldn't work on it any more! LOL

Our power was still off this morning, and as we rode in to work, we heard on the radio that it would either be restored by noon or next Friday. That's a pretty big time gap! Kevin called home mid-morning and our answering machine kicked on, so we knew the power had been restored to our house. I feel bad for the people who might have to wait until Friday! The heat and humidity have been high this week.

Image from National Weather Service.


Paula said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your completed "project."

Mrs. C

Not the Waltons said...

OH yes, the power always goes out in the middle of a procrastinated project! Whatcha workin on over there??