Monday, July 17, 2006

My Salvation Testimony

I realized after I posted my mom's article that I have never shared my salvation testimony here on my blog.

I had the wonderful privelege to grow up in a Christian home. I thank the Lord for parents who prayed for me even before I was born. They prayed not only for my salvation, but for my future mate, and many things in between. My mom always quoted Bible verses to me (and my siblings) when she laid me down for bedtime. My parents always prayed that their children would get saved at an early age.

Well, I guess you could call almost four years old an "early age"! During family devotions, I had learned about Jesus coming back, and I knew that in order to go with Jesus, you had to be saved. I knew that I wasn't saved, and I was scared about that. My parents had been teaching me that I was a sinner.

So one night while my mom prayed with me before bed, I prayed and asked the Lord Jesus to come into my heart. He saved me!

When I was 12 years old, I got baptized. I knew it was the right thing to do, but I was scared to go up to my pastor and ask him to baptize me! My younger sister, Holly, wanted to get baptized too, so we went together to ask the pastor.

When I was a teenager, I dedicated my life to the Lord, for Him to use me however He felt best.

I praise the Lord for His great salvation!


Cherish the Home said...

What a wonderful testimony Tammy! Thanks for posting it. (o:

Anonymous said...

How lovely Tammy. And how wonderful that your parent's led you there. My Mum planted the seed for sure, if it wasn't for my Mum I don't know where I would be?? Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord Sis. I enjoy reading salvation testimonies. All those that were put on my site were such a blessing to me!! Do you get alot of negative comments from people about you getting saved at such a young age of 4? I know that my daughter Kristina gets comments made now and then by people saying that she was too young to get saved because she was 5. But I see the fruit in my daughter's life and she stands strong on her salvation and the testimony she gives is solid. I know that there are some that make professions of faith at that age that are not real but I also know there are some that are. It only takes seeing yourself a sinner and knowing what that means and trusting Jesus to save you from your sins. Praise His name that you came to that place in your life at such a young age so as to not have to go through a life of heartache before realizing you weren't saved. Thank you for sharing your testimony with us!!

Tammy said...

Sis Julie, I haven't gotten much negative response over my salvation testimony. One thing I always stress when I talk to people is that my parents didn't tell me how I got saved, that I was saved, etc. *They* didn't give me assurance of my salvation! I remember praying, I remember being sorry for my sin. When I was about 8 years old, I did make reassurance of my salvation.