Saturday, July 08, 2006

EEKS! I did that?

Well, Mrs. Blythe posted a list of things about herself that most people don't know. I'm sure I could come up with ten things as well, but right now I just don't want to admit to that many things. LOL

Will one suffice?

My first vehicle (though not by choice!) was a 1982 white VW Vanagon, which the family had nicknamed "Vanna White"--though it was not glamorous by any means. It got me (slowly) where I needed to go, and I didn't have to buy it, so hey, who cared what it looked like! The snub "nose" of Vanagons is made possible because of the engine being in the back of the van.

One night, I had a few of my sisters in the van with me, and I was turning right onto a main street. I looked left, and started turning, without checking to my right. Bad mistake. My sisters started screaming at me, and I looked straight ahead, and there was a man with his hands on my windshield, and his face level with mine. Talk about a shock!!! (For both him and me! I imagine he hasn't forgotten this incident!) He was fine, by the way.

When we arrived home, my loving sisters ran inside so they could be the first to tell someone, anyone, that I had run into a person. Thereafter, I made sure to look both ways before turning right!

And that, my friends, is something I rarely talk about! Don't you feel so "lucky" knowing that you are priveleged to this secret? *Grin*

Anyone want to go for a drive with me?

Image from, picture of a white 1982 VW Vanagon!


Happymama said...

I'll go with you, Tammy. LOL Things like this always have fun memories, don't they?


Tammy said...

Well, good Kristi! I'm glad I have at least one passenger! It's more fun to go somewhere with friends. =)

It's awfully wicked of me, but I laugh every time I think of this incident!

Tori said...

Oh how funny! I'm gonna have to think about his one, can't remember ever hitting a person. *Ü*

That's not too wicked, it is funny, maybe not for him but still.

Mona said...

Well, I can join you there, it was a bit different, I was backing up, no one behind me, went to change gears, looked down for barely a second and heard screaming behind me...little old lady in parking lot, she assured me that she ran into me that I did not run into her, but it took me some time to compose myself before going into the store after that one, lol :o) I would drive with you! Fortunately things like this teach us to be more careful without any REAL damage!

Tammy said...

Mona, how funny--well, not funny, but still funny! LOL