Saturday, July 08, 2006

~I like pink~

I guess you could already tell though, couldn't you? *Grin*

Pink and I go back a loooong way! By my third birthday, everything had to be pink. That was my favorite color, and everyone who talked to me quickly found that out!

My mom decorated my room in pink for me:

Somewhere along the line, I "grew out" of pink. It was no longer necessary that every thing be pink. It wasn't a "cool" color when I was a teenager. Of course, it's very popular now, but it wasn't in the 90's!

And now, well, I think you might have guessed that Pink and I have become friends again. I'm not going back to my 3-year-old-everything-has-to-be-pink attitude, but pink is such a soft, sweet, feminine color! In a day when feminity is cast aside, I'm proud to say that I love the color pink!

While I was looking through my pictures, I saw this one, which has nothing to do with pink, and couldn't help but scan it in as well. My great grandma is holding me, and my great grandpa is sitting behind her. I love this picture! I was just two years old here.


Happymama said...

Pink is my favorite color. They say red heads shouldn't wear pink, but if you look in my closet you'll see a LOT of it.



Tori said...

I like pink too, not my favorite but I like it and the older I get the more I tend to gravitate to it. Hmmm, a woman thing,

The picture with the greats is precious.

Mrs.B. said...

I was blessed to know my great grandparents too! Cute pictures Tammy!

I like pink....I tend to like more of a strong pink rather than pastel pink.

Lisa said...

And look at that dress. It's so Tammy! :) Sweet pictures.

Mrs Blythe said...

Sweet photos Tammy! My little 4 year old is pink mad, I don't know how long it will last but it does make choosing clothes difficult. If anyone buys her some clothes that aren't pink I have a proper job trying to convince her that they are pretty!! Lol.

Holly said...

I beg to differ. You CAN wear all pink! Almost every thing in my closet (that isn't blue, grey, or black) is PINK!!! I LOVE PINK!!!!!

Roberta said...

You were such a little dolly!