Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm Anne...

...of Green Gables, of course!

Find out which L.L. Montgomery character you are by clicking here.

When you click to see your results, it tells you, and at the bottom it says, "If you can't stand your results, go back and take the quiz again until you get an answer you like." I liked my results just fine! :)

I always loved Anne, another instance of reading the book before watching the movie. I can't say that I have the penchant for talking that she does though!

HT to Mrs. Blythe.


magsmommy said...

Hi Tammy. I am an Anne as well. I absolutely love this series of books. I can read the books and watch the movies over and over and never tire of them. I believe all Anne fans are kindred spirits.



Mrs. U said...

Tammy, you, magsmommy and I are TRIPLETS!!!!! HAHA!!

Mrs. U

Mrs.B. said...

Wasn't this so fun!?

Happymama said...

Oh, yippee! I'm going to go do this right now!! I LOVE Anne of Green Gables!

annecourager said...

I came up as Jane of Lantern Hill. And I haven't read that series!

It's a tossup for me whether I like Anne or Emily better. Emily has more flaws than Anne, which I seem to relate to better.

Kelli said...

I'm Jane of Lantern Hill and I was so excited because I LOVE that book. I read it at least once a year and rent the movie from the library.
Of course, I love Anne too. :0)

Cindi said...

I am another Jane!

Musiclover said...

I'm Jane. I've never read it, but it's available as e-text on the Gutenberg site.