Thursday, April 06, 2006

Black Licorice

I love black licorice. Just yesterday, I bought a box of Panda's natural licorice chews. They are just so yummy! I hope Kevin wasn't wanting any...cause they're almost gone!

I realize it is not a taste that everyone enjoys. It's one of those things that people either hate or love. Aren't taste buds an incredible thing? Everyone has them, yet each person has their own likes/dislikes.

My grandpa used to get sen sens, an old-fashioned licorice candy/breath freshner that is still made today (though a little hard to obtain). He had a slim pill box that had little sections in it, and he kept it in his front shirt pocket. When he came over to our house, or we went to his house, at some point during the visit, he would get out his little pill box and let us choose a candy. It was either a tic-tac, or some other tiny little candy, and sometimes there were sen sens in there. We were the only grandchildren (to my knowledge) that liked them. He liked them too, and since they were hard to find, sometimes he didn't let us have them. *giggle*


Anonymous said...

uuuuuugh.... yeah, I was wanting some! *sniff*

Jamie said...

I LOVE black Licorice..there was this gum when I was growing up called black jack? I think..and my dad would give us some. It was always a treat...I have ALWAYS love black licorice and most of my children do too.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 'hater' of black licorice...give me red any day. he, he.

Jamie...I think they still have that gum called Black Jack, but it isn't easy to find.

Corene said...

Black Licorice and I are buddies.
Oh, and I am another grandchild that would always try to get the sen sens. I loved it whenever Grandpa would pull out his pill box and let us pick something out.

Tammy said...

Corene, I wondered if you might like the sen sens. That's why I left it open-ended for other grandkids! =)

Corene said...

Oh, I knew you weren't excluding me or the others. I was just adding myself to the ones already stated as liking the sen sens.