Saturday, April 22, 2006


This week has sped by! Today is the last day in my week of pictures. Thank you to those who have stopped by and written encouraging comments!

Today is my day to get everything done! I do all my grocery shopping and errands on Saturdays, as well as get my house clean and prepared for the week ahead. Today I've stopped by the library, went to the post office, checked out a thrift store, and completed my grocery shopping. Now it's time to tackle the house!

I'm wearing a practical jean jumper that I got at Kohls for $15 that was half off the original price. I've paired it with a red t-shirt that I also got at Kohls. Kevin is with a group of men from our church today, helping to finish off some cabins at the camp that our church kids go to. Because of that, I had to take my own picture today. *Grin*


Anonymous said...

Your day was pretty packed huh? I got up and cleaned house then did laundry. This afternoon my son's girlfriend came over to spend time with us (I mean him!!!) She doesn't come to see us but she has to see us since they aren't allowed to be alone (they are courting!!) Then this evening we had prayer meeting at church. We are praying as a church to see some specific things take place according to God's will. We also have a revival meeting beginning next Sunday with Evangelist Bro. Darrell Hayes (the preacher who pastored our home church when we got saved). We are praying for God to do a great work in the hearts and lives of His people at our church. Then I came home and did dishes and vaccumed the house and am fixin to go to bed in a few minutes. So my day is over but was very productive. Our men didn't get to do any work at the church today like they planned due to storms and rain. Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...and I love your jumper. I used to be a jumper girl (was mostly all I wore) but now I'm a skirt and top kinda girl. Don't really know why I've changed to the skirt and top...but I couldn't fit into my jumpers anymore due to them being so big on me after I lost my weight. So I gave them away. Oh well...that got me to sewing me some skirts. I told you I do simple sewing. Although jumpers aren't real I should make me some of those too. Maybe one day!!

Annecourager said...

Have you ever been able to make it to CoBeAc yourself? (I am assuming that is where K. is.) It's lovely up there.

It's barely possible that A. will be out your direction in mid-to-late June. He's planning to be in metro Detroit for Grace Baptist of Birmingham's 50th Anniversary. Don't know if he will make it to your side of The Mitten or not, though I hope so! Maybe he and K. could hook up in Lansing?

Lisa said...

I love your jumper. It looks great on you and what a deal! My day probably should have been busy but I mostly loafed around. Your bedroom looks beautiful in the mirror. :)

Magistra Mommy said...

Lovely outfit! :o) You have looked so feminine this week. It has been a lot of fun seeing your pictures!

In His joy,
Mrs. Wilt

Michelle said...

Tammy your jummper looks really cute..

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

I love taking pics in the mirror!! :)

Leigh said...


I am really loving your blog! I love that you did a week in dress (skirts and tops too :) I was wondering how you met your husband? I love to hear people stories :) If you don't mind sharing that is.

Tammy said...

Wow, so many comments to reply to! =)

Sis Julie, it sounds as though you had a jam packed Saturday too! I've never heard of the evangelist that is with you this week, probably because he's in the south? Michigan is as far east as I've been since my husband and I moved from California.

Erin, I haven't been to CoBeAc yet, but I would like to! Kevin was telling me about it last night, and it sounds absolutely beautiful!

And Leigh~It's nice to "meet" you...I'll have to post to my blog in response to your question. Too long for the comment section. Hehe