Monday, April 17, 2006


Today I wore a flowered blouse that two of my sisters gave me for Christmas last year.

Before Christmas, Holly and I went out shopping, and she bought me the skirt that I am wearing today. She's a sweet sister! If she sees this picture, she'll probably tell me, "No, no, no, you're not supposed to wear this skirt with this shirt." Haha You see, she already told me that the don't "go" together, but I think they look perfectly fine together.

Today was very blustery out, but nice and warm. While I was outside, I snapped a few pictures of my flowers. I'm thinking of replanting the daffodils in clumps. This is our first house, and first yard that I've gotten to do any planting in. I didn't realize that they would look nicer if they were grouped together. I still like the way they are, and I'm loving the fact that I have flowers in bloom in my yard! I can't wait to plant my annuals.

The flowers below are bulbs that came up as a surprise! I didn't know they were planted in the yard. I'm thinking of replanting these as well--they are in the back yard, just planted in a line. They smell so gorgeous too. It would be too strong to cut them and bring them in, but I enjoyed smelling them outside!


Anonymous said...

I love the flowers! Both on your blouse and in your yard! BEAUTIFUL!

And your Easter Sunday outfit is lovely! That peachy pink is beautiful on you! (And the smile isn't cheesy it is lovely!)

I'll look forward to seeing you through the week. We wear dresses (not with a huge agenda, just what we do) here too. (Well the girls and I do... Ken doesn't. Keegan doesn't, lol!)

Annecourager said...

no no no, do not replant them, just buy more and add!!!

:) Seriously, though, with all the bulb farms around here in WA and I know there's some in MI too-- shop around the fields NOW and decide what you want to plant come September.

You really need to see Van Lierop's Bulb farm right now. Maybe I'll get over there and snap some pix later this week. I know Rebecca would like to see it, I'm sure. She was over there every spring, taking pictures!

Anonymous said...

not every spring! LOL! but they do a wonderful job there at Van Lierop's. I would like to see pictures. =)

Magistra Mommy said...

What a pretty blouse! You look lovely. :o)

Hooray for surprise flowers! We had a huge clump of daffs that came in unexpectedly this year. It was a pleasant surprise!

In His joy,
Mrs. Wilt

Tammy said...

LOL Holly!