Wednesday, April 26, 2006

~Tea with Friends~

I love to sit with friends and chat over a cup of steaming tea. Tea just seems to make the conversation sweeter!

When I was younger, I had a friend who was close to my age. Often, when my family was at her family's house for an afternoon, her mom would serve us girls tea. It was quite a simple affair, but one I look back on with fond memories.

We each got to choose which mug we would like. Invariably, I would choose the stoneware mug with a whale in the bottom of it. When there was about an inch of tea left, you could see the whale "flipping" in the mug. Usually her mom made a pot of tea and then out came the honey. =) Tea was more like syrup at her house, for my friend's mother didn't place any limitations on the amount of honey used! (In my family, honey was used more conservatively.)

From time to time, I've been at someone's home where they served tea after dinner. It is always so nice to sit and sip tea. Everyone serves their tea differently. Some people have tea cups, most just have mugs. Some brew a pot of tea, some have a few different herbal flavors to choose from. Some serve honey, others sugar. It all tastes good...when you have tea with a friend!

See this post to see what tea I would offer you if you came by!


Magistra Mommy said...

Oh, one of my favorite subjects! I am currently involved in a Book and Tea Society. There are 4 of us that read a book and meet to discuss it at one of our homes over tea. We have had Christmas teas, Regency teas, and even a Grandma's Pantry tea. It has been a lot of fun.

My favorite kind of tea is Earl Grey and I take it with 2 lumps and a smidgen of cream. :o)

In His joy,
Mrs. Wilt

Tammy said...

Oh Mrs. Wilt, that sounds like SO much fun! Is it a group of ladies from your church? Or a group of friends? I love books AND tea, so I know that I would love to be involved with such a society!

P.s. If you ever come to visit me, I'll make sure to have Earl Grey tea on hand! =)

Cherish the Home said...

I must admit to not being a tea expert but everyone keeps talking about 'Earl Grey', so I might have to try it!

That DOES sound like fun Mrs. Wilt, I love books too! (o:

I just bought a tea kettle a couple of months ago and I LOVE it! It's bright red and it seems so 'homey' to me! **sigh**

Blessings Tammy!

Roberta said...

Hi Tammy! I popped over from Mrs. Wilt's as I am nursing again (Those are my snippets of time to go blogging.) I have a tea drawer like yours (in our coffee cupboard in the dining room), some of the same teas...I usually would buy stash, but more recently have bought a few dh is a kayaker and we thought the blueberry C.S. tea was too cute. Dh says they sell for the artwork not the tea. lol

Tammy said...

Roberta, that is funny, about buying CS teas for the box! I've always love the CS boxes, ever since I was a little girl. I remember asking my mom for them, when the tea was all gone. I'd keep stuff in them, and play with them. I do like their tea though! It may not be as strong as other teas, but it's strong enough for me!

Anonymous said...

Loved reading about your Teas and seeing your drawer. I have a stack of similar teas in a cupboard at work =) Peppermint is still a favorite.
I belong to a Costumer's Guild. We recently went to see Marie Antoinette in 17th century 'garb'. We then went to a lovely tea room for a few hours to linger over the wonderful teas and goodies while we discussed the movie. Needless to say we caused a few comments wherever we went. We had a delightful time. R, Lisa