Sunday, April 02, 2006

Pinky and Blue Bunny

In my UFO post, I wrote about my counted cross stitch project. It is a set, called Pinky and Blue Bunny, based on the paintings "Pinky" and "Blue Boy". I snagged a picture off of e-bay to show you the paintings:

This is Pinky, finished, and waiting for Blue Bunny to join her:

It had been quite awhile since I had even looked at Blue Bunny, and in my mind I thought he was 1/3 of the way finished. In fact, I was thinking that I hadn't actually started the rabbit. Imagine my surprise when I pulled him out last night to show a friend:

As you can tell, these were not weekend projects by any means! Each square of the design is stitched--there is not one open square in the whole design. While I did start these when I was 16, there have been other cross stitch projects that I actually finished, and framed. I have a Bible verse with a garden scene, a little apple sampler for my kitchen, and the wedding cross stitch I made for Kevin's mom and her husband.

I will definitely finish Blue Bunny, and get both of them framed. I will venture to say, however, that my 16-year old tastes are a little different than my 29-year old tastes!


Susan said...

Oh, they're cute, Tammy! Do you think you'll find some use for them in your home, or will you give them away when they're finished?

Tammy said...

Oh yes, I will use them! I still like them, I just don't *love* them like I did when I was 16! My plan is to finish the one, and get them both framed in the same frame. I don't know if that would be less expensive or not. But because of the size they are, I will HAVE to get a mat cut for them, so why not make it one mat with two holes?

Anonymous said...

*gasp* you are 29??!!! I thought you were MUCH younger!