Friday, April 21, 2006

Doorprizes, socks, and painting

What a combo, huh? =)

I am on the e-mail list for a local needlework shop. I got an e-mail update just a day or so ago, telling me that they are participating in an online "road show". (How can it be a "road" show if it's online?) Basically, it is around 100 designers who are selling their designs at lower prices, but you have to go through your local needlework shop.

So I browsed through, and realized that it was mostly counted cross stitch designs. I like to do cross stitch, but I'm not looking for any new projects right now. While perusing the site, I signed up for the "doorprize".

I won the doorprize!

Have you ever been to a craft show or something similar, and not bought anything, yet walked away with a doorprize? You feel like slinking out the door.

Only, in this case, there isn't any door to slink out of! The prize was two cross stitch designs. I got to choose them from one of the designers. They are beautiful, and I can't wait to do them.

Oh, and you can sign up for the doorprize every day. So I did today too. LOL

Socks! My sock is finished! I just have to "kitchener" the toe closed. That would require a lot of digging through my sewing room stuff to find my tapestry needle! At least I have enough knitting needles that I can start on the second sock!

Painting. Does anyone want to come and help me? LOL I do not like painting! But I like the finished product. to paint I go! =)


Carolyn said...

Wooo Hoooo you finished your sock!

Susan said...

Make sure you post pics when you get your cross stitch kits . . . and your progress on them . . . and when they're finished! LOL How exciting that you won!

Cherish the Home said...

How neat that you won! Congratulations! (o:

Cherish the Home said...


I have really enjoyed my visit through your have looked so lovely all week!

I'll be back. (o:


~Mrs. B

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on winning the doorprize! I'm like you....I feel odd when I go to a tupperware party or something similar and I end up not buying anything and the seller does a drawing and I win the prize. So I can definitely relate. But you won it fairly so just enjoy. It also sounds like you are very crafty. I'm not...I'm too impatient to be which is one of my downfalls...LOL!!

Michelle said...

Congrats!! On you winning...

Magistra Mommy said...

Hooray for the sock and hooray for the doorprize! :o)You must post a finished picture when you close that toe!

In His joy,
Mrs. Wilt