Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Of library books and fines

I have a strong dislike for paying library fees. After all, you're paying for something that is free (well, you do pay for the library through your taxes). Lately, it seems like I have forgotten to get books in to the library, so I've been donating my 15 cents, my 45 cents, etc. to the library.

My problem comes in when I check out way more books than I can possibly read in a three-week's period. I lug them home, and then of course, I have other things to do than read (fancy that! things like knitting! oh yeah, and housework too), so I end up just looking at some of them. To further the problem, I visit the library more than once during a three-week period--and each subsequent time manage to check out one or two more books that look interesting.

I have to return a book today, otherwise it will be overdue. I am going to try to be more disciplined in my book-checking-out habits, and limit myself to books that I actually want to read, and actually have time to read. That translates into just a few books a month, not a whole armful every time I go to the library!

Ever since I have learned to read, I have loved books and going to the library. The more books the merrier! My dad was a principal/assistant pastor for two years. During that time, my parents had one vehicle. I would often have to stay at school way beyond school hours while my dad was working. That didn't bother me in the least. I had discovered the school library. It was in disarray, but I didn't let that hinder me. I spent many happy hours in that library. I was dismayed when some students took it upon themselves to put the library in order. All my favorite books were lost on the shelves! Looking back, it was the 4th-6th grade students who put the library in order, and I have serious doubts that it was according to the Dewey Decimal System. However, it did look neat!

I just love the smell of books--old and new alike! I love to read, and I love to browse through bookstores and libraries. But I do not love to pay library fines! *Grin*


Anonymous said...

aren't you able to renew your library books? We can do that here. If I need to renew I do it online. Anywho...then you could keep them a wee bit longer...and not pay any fees...assuming of course you got them back to the library before the next due date. he, he. =D

Tammy said...

Oh yes, I do renew online. But sometimes they are on hold, and I can't renew them. And sometimes I forget to return them, even when I've had them for six whole weeks!

Anonymous said...


Susan said...

We must be sisters! LOL I have loved books all my life. When I walk in the library, I get excited. I love it. My kids think I'm nuts. And I also check out more books than I can possibly read in 3 weeks' time (even though I renew them online too), and I also end up paying fines. Beth and I went last night, and I got a whole bunch of cross stitch and sewing books, which I like to look at to get ideas.

Anonymous said...

I love libraries too. I worked at the Belding Library for three years when I was in high school. One of my jobs to straighten shelves. I still have an uncontrollable urge to straighten shelves whenever I am at the library! Sue