Thursday, April 13, 2006

Freecycle Goodies

I have previously mentioned that I belong to Freecycle. I usually don't pay too close attention to what is being offered, because I'm not interested in running around picking things up, and bringing unnecessary things home. One of today's offers amused me.

Offer: Unscented Deodorant

I prefer the scented stuff. Two of them are the Arm & Hammer brand
while the other is Speed Stick. The Speed Stick is slightly used while
the other two have never been used.


WHO wants to use someone else's "slightly used" deodorant?

Edited to add: Apparently someone wanted it! It was taken today! First of all, I cannot imagine that the person picking it up will actually use the "slightly used" deodorant. Secondly, I really cannot imagine driving across town to get 2 sticks of deodorant!


Susan said...

That's so funny, Tammy! I see used toiletries offered quite often on our Freecycle. I can't imagine actually going to someone's house to pick up used toiletries. But then again, if you want something in particular and can't afford to buy it . . . Freecycle just might offer it!

Annecourager said...


I mean, I can understand...MAYBE...some lotion or something, but armpit wipe?!

I think NOT.

Sarah Joy said...

Hey I should join! I've got tons of these "slightly used" diapers to sell!!! I'm gonna be rich!
No, actually none of the diapers coming from my house are "slightly" used. I think the resale value is pretty low...
Ok people I'm serious now. Just throw them away! EWWW!

Annecourager said...

you know, I used to keep a stick deodorant in my classroom and threaten to make the 6th graders use it if I could "smell" them after PE!!

Maybe it went to a teacher like me? wuahaha

Anonymous said...

I too am part of freecycle. I've gotten some really nice things through it too. I can't say that I've seen an item such as "slightly used" deoderant. I saw for the first time the other day how someone was offering food. Her and her daughter were starting a diet and she was getting rid of food they couldn't eat to fit in their diet. That was a first!!