Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Today is Administrative Professionals Day

I think it used to be called Secretary's Day. :)

I didn't even know it was Admin day, until one of my co-workers told me so. Then I was totally surprised when my office manager came in and gave me a card with a $25 gift card to Border's Books!

I was further surprised when a beautiful flower arrangement was delivered to me! The flowers are mixed--roses, daisies, tulips, and a few others I'm not sure of. I'm sure to enjoy them!

Now to spend my $25. That shouldn't be too hard. I love books! I guess the hard part will be in not overspending the card! =)

Kevin told the office manager that next week was "Architectural CAD Support Day", to which she replied that he wasn't going to get any flowers.

He said, "I don't want the flowers, I want a gift card." LOL


Anonymous said...

you are lucky! no one here remembers that day. I gave the other admins an e-card though. =)

Anonymous said...

Tammy, it's Laura (lalaland120) from the Well. I've missed you there! But I LOVE your blog, and wanted to let you know I've been by to read it and see how you're doing. Have a great day! Oh! So happy you got the flowers, they sound BEAUTIFUL!

Susan said...

Wooohooo! Happy Administrative Professionals Day! I'm glad you got pampered a bit today. Have fun spending that gift card!

Tammy said...

Rebecca, that was nice of you to send the e-cards. I have never "observed" the holiday before. LOL

Laura, thank you for stopping by! I see you on IM here and now, I'll have to say hello soon!

Cherish the Home said...

Good for you.....receiving flowers always blesses my heart! Being able to buy books does as well! LOl (o;

Anonymous said...

My husband has 5 different offices and has had lunch out with the admins in each office every day this week!!! Still another coming on Friday!! At least I don't have to worry about a big meal at night on these days..LOL!

My husband met me when I was a secretary, so I used to get the benefits of Secretary Day every year. So I know you had a super time receiving the flowers, cards, and $$. Enjoy!

tkrimms said...

Yep, used to be called Secretary's Day when the IAAP (Int'l Assn. of Administrative Professionals) were still called PSI (Professional Secretaries International). The IAAP created the day - not Hallmark, as many believe. Visit for more information.

Happy APW to everyone! (It's Admin. Prof. WEEK actually, and Wed. is the day!)