Friday, April 07, 2006

Sewing room, here we come!

Wow, I have soooo much stuff in my sewing room! I haven't done anything to this room, except to put stuff in it!

It has a terribly, awful paint job. I wanted to paint it before we moved in, but alas, I didn't get it done! All my sewing stuff, and all kinds of other stuff went in there, and it has generally been a disastrous mess since we've moved in. It has been put in order a few times, only to get out of order just as fast. I'm hoping that a pretty coat of paint and new curtains on the windows will encourage me to keep it looking nice!

I think I've slightly overused the word "stuff". Hehe

Here are the before pictures:

Everything is cleared out:
*gag* I hate the tree! and flowers! and grass! and the whole stinking paint job!

I will not put everything back in that room! There is simply too much in there! I have already listed three things on my Freecycle group, and have something else I'm hoping a friend can use.


Annecourager said...

I can think of two children in my home who would LOVE THAT ROOM.

D wanted me to do something similar when we painted his room in November - blue ceiling, green walls....."then paint dinosaurs and grass and a lake, Mom!!"

I went for the PALEST blue and the PALEST spring green and it turned out pretty well.

Don't let Kevin paint the room "Cubs Blue" like his old bedroom used to be....ish!!

Tammy said...

Erin, how funny. I picked out the paint for this room, since its my sewing room. =)I think it would be safe to say that Kevin's tastes in paint have changed over the years.

Your kids probably would like the paint job...the people we bought the house from had two little girls in there, and I'm sure they liked it.

I, however, hate it! =D

Michelle said...

Tammy you did an awsome job on that room..It looks really good..