Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A little bit of everything

WOW! Yesterday I had 111 individual hits! I don't know how "smart" my counter is, but anyhow, there were a lot of hits yesterday! Apparently having a contest makes one popular! *Grin*

NEWS FLASH! The painting is done!!! (Ok, don't count the three tiny spots on the ceiling that I'm going to touch up tonight!) I'm just so glad that the job is done!

Last night Kevin and I went shopping, and I found curtains on sale at Sears for 80% off the original price! That's quite a bargain! Tonight after church, I will be working on the room getting everything in order.

It's about time too, because we're having guests for a week! My sisters Holly and Shelly are flying in this Saturday. I'm SO excited about their visit. I have a mental list of all the things I want to do with them while they are here. We probably won't even do half of the things! We'll probably just sit around the house and talk! But that's fun too!

I pray you have a blessed day today!


Sis. Julie said...

How neat that you are getting a visit from your sisters. And happy birthday to CJ!! There must be quite an age range between you and your youngest sibling. I also think that is neat. I am glad you finished your room and I'm sure it will look very nice once you get it all put together. You must post pictures of the finished product so we can see it.

rlhilliard said...

Do you get to take some time off, Tammy? That would be great! It will be nice to have some of your family around. =)

Happy birthday, Charity!

Tammy said...

Julie, yes, there is quite an age range between me and my youngest sister! I was 21 when my parents had Bethany!

Rebecca, I do get to take time off--I'm all set for a half day on Monday, and all day Thursday and Friday!

Jennelle said...

Awww, your sisters are adorable! :-)



Kelleigh said...

It must be wonderful to come from a larger family. Your little sisters are angels (bet they have their moments though ! ;)

Nikki said...

Ohhh you'll have such a great time!!! I can't wait for my sister to come visit me in July!!!