Wednesday, May 17, 2006

~My Aprons~

I wear aprons often for cooking and cleaning chores. Wearing an apron puts me “in the mood” to cook and clean! Each of my aprons has its own story, thus the lengthiness of this post!

The apron that has seen the most wear is the cream colored apron. I use this apron when I’m canning or cooking something really messy. I made this apron using a vintage thrift store apron as a pattern. My mom bought the original apron, and I liked it so much that I made a pattern from it and made one for myself. I showed the back view as well, since it is a little unusual.

When I was engaged, I bought materials for two aprons, and finished one before I got married, and one afterwards. These two aprons are the half aprons—the pink flowered one with rick-rack and bias tape; and the blue gingham with rick-rack and cross stitch.

The denim apron was made out of a jumper that I had. It got a little worn out, yet I didn’t want to part with it. So I made an apron!

I acquired the blue striped apron at a church yard sale. It was free, since it was the end of the day and we were taking everything that hadn’t sold to a thrift store. This apron seems to be the apron I wear the most! It covers me well, and since it had a few stains on it to begin with, I’m not worried about ruining it.

I bought the green gingham apron at an antique store. It still had the original price tag sewn into the seam. I haven’t worn this apron. I have it on a hook in my kitchen; it makes a nice decoration!

And lastly, I made the apple-patterned apron out of just one yard of fabric, using a new “vintage” pattern. This is an apron that I tend to wear when we’re having company. It looks nice, and goes well with my kitchen. =)

The vintage aprons have more detail in them, and make use of lots of bias tape! I don’t really like applying bias tape, but I love the finished product, so I persevere. *grin*


Leigh said...


I LOVE aprons!!! Yours are SO pretty!! I just bought one from Amelia's Aprons and I love it. It is fashioned in a Regency style. I need to lose some weight before it fits properly, but I am still loving it! :)


Melody said...

Thanks for showing all your aprons! Do you have one that you end up wearing more than the others? Which is your favorite?

I have four.....but seem to alternate between just two of them because I prefer the fit. Hmm. That sounds like a blog post idea for my blog! :O)

Kelleigh said...

I love vintage aprons! Thank you for sharing your photos. It's interesting to watch old movies and see the beautiful aprons women used to wear. Each one a work of art!

Mrs. Happy Housewife said...

Lovely aprons. Did you make these?

Sis. Julie said...

I love the aprons. I have only one apron that I use (when I remember to use it). It isn't exactly a habit for me to wear one. I sure need to. I've ruined more than one top or dress by not wearing one. I need one to match my theme in my kitchen (lighthouses). I haven't found one though.

Tammy said...

~I'll be posting more about my aprons later on today!~

Lisa said...

Looking forward the the next post! Your aprons are so pretty. I have one that I wear that I made from a tea towel my SIL gave me. I used some old curtains to make the trim. I plan to make more.

I was leaving the house the other day and hubby called after me..."You have your apron on." lol

Mrs. Wilt said...

Beautiful! I adore aprons and have given many of my favorite vintage finds as gifts to friends. I had a delightful yellow gingham with embroidery on it, but was attending a Grandma's Pantry tea and it seemed the perfect hostess gift. LOL It seems I am always giving my favorite things away! :o)

In His joy,
Mrs. Wilt

Sis. Julie said...

You are so clever!! To think to make an apron out of one of your denim jumpers! That is a wonderful idea. I'll have to remember that one. I love the aprons and the stories you have behind them.

Mrs Blythe said...

What great aprons. Mine are plain blue. I want a pretty one now! lol.

Melody said...

Thanks for updating your post to tell us more!

deb said...

I really enjoyed your apron post. I don't really wear aprons at all but probably should!

I'm thinking I commented about aprons on someone's blog awhile back, but I can't remember if I did...maybe Mrs. Wilt's?

Anyway, here's my apron story. I received one as a hostess gift when we had missionaries from Greece over for a meal. She must have brought many aprons in her luggage to give away to families who hostessed them. But the apron she pulled out was T-I-N-Y! They must make 'em little in Greece! I saved it for a souvenir. :)

rlhilliard said...

The only apron I have is the one you made for me that one year. I think it was for Christmas. =)I'm bad about wearing aprons too. It would keep my clothes neater when I'm cooking. =)

Tammy said...

Thank you everyone, for your sweet and encouraging comments!

Bridget said...

i just started wearing aprons and have discovered a love of them!!

Ebelfamily said...

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Ebelfamily said...

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