Monday, May 01, 2006

Ten Random Things About Me

  1. I love to knit (but I imagine you already had that one figured out!)
  2. I have eight younger siblings: seven sisters and one brother. And no, he's not "poor". *Grin*
  3. The first thing I remember getting to cut with a kitchen knife were some apples for a pie.
  4. I'd rather be hot than cold. I once told Kevin my "motto" was "Never be cold!"
  5. I was born in South Carolina.
  6. I like most vegetables, except for peas. I don't think peas are even food, so why do people mix them up with edibles? =)
  7. I once got in trouble for picking out all my peas and giving them to my friend who was eating at our house. (Ah the joys of little sisters tattling on you!) ;-)
  8. I was homeschooled from 5th-12th grades.
  9. I don't really like to paint. (As evidenced by my still-uncompleted painting project.)
  10. My beverage of choice? Water! So refreshing!

OK! Now it's your turn! In my comment box, post 10 random things about you! On Tuesday evening, I'll put all the participant's names in a hat and draw one name. The lucky winner will receive a tatted heart bookmark, made by me!

This contest idea "stolen" from the gals at Choosing Home.

The contest is closed now! Sis. Julie won!!! If you still want to post your Random Things, go right ahead, they are fun to read! =)


Mrs.B. said...

How Fun!!

Here goes:

#1 I don't like to drive. I can, but I'd rather not.

#2 I love the color red.

#3 I am crazy about animals.

#4 I was an only child until I was 25.

#5 I am tall.

#6 I have lived in many states.

#7 I don't much care for meat. I only eat it because it's a good source of protein and I feel better when I do.

#8 I prefer one-on-one fellowship times instead of large group ones.

#9 I LOVE to read.

#10 I hate to be hot! You can always wear more clothes but you can only take off so much! (o:

Susan said...

I spent part of yesterday afternoon reading those at Choosing Home! LOL Some of them were a bit TMI, so I'll try not to do that. So here goes.

1. I love your tatted heart bookmarks! ;)
2. I was born in Rhode Island.
3. I can flare my nostrils.
4. I love black jelly beans.
5. I've lived in 6 different states.
6. My first car was a Mercury Bobcat.
7. I love to diagram sentences.
8. I cannot swim.
9. I cannot cross a swinging bridge.
10. I snort when I laugh really hard.

Susan said...

Mrs. B - I was an only child till I was 17, and I thought that was unusual, but you were 25! What's your story? My dad remarried after my mother's death, and I gained 2 siblings through my stepmom, then they had 2 more together. Yet another thing you and I have in common! :)

trek said...

1. Favorite color? Blue
2. Favorite thing to knit? Socks.
3. Favorite movie? The Matrix.
4. I once read nearly 150 books in one year.
5. I can play the bagpipes.
6. I have a degree in computer science.
7. Animals are wonderful. My allergies are not.
8. I believe that smoking near children is child abuse.
9. I think everyone should vote.
10. I like the smell of fresh gasoline at the pump.

Mrs.B. said...

Hi Susan!

Yes, it IS unusual. I was not raised in a Christian home and my parents divorced when I was young. My Dad remarried years later and very late into their marriage they had a child.

Yes, you and I do seem to have a lot in common, don't we? (o:

Sara1977 said...

1. I love to read
2. I've traveled all over the US when I was little, and the longest I'd lived in one place was exactly one year until I got married.
3. We are getting ready to move for the first time in 12 years of marriage.
4. I used to help my daddy work on cars.
5. I love to read your blog.
6. I like to cook.
7. I am a picky eater.
8. I'm not an animal person.
9. I graduated when I was 16.
10. I got married when I was 16.

annecourager said...

Hmn.. another friend did something like this on her blog too. That'll help me with some ideas.
1. My first job was as a candystriper at the hospital.
2. My first paying job was at Pioneer Chicken, where my boss made a pass at me. YUCK! (I quit)
3. I detest beets.
4. I hate to be cold.
5. I love popcorn.
6. I have read Pride and Prejudice at least fifteen times since I discovered it at age 15.
7. Hairballs nauseate me. All hair MUST be attached to a person, not floating free in the air or on a sweater or on my food or stuck on the drain.
8. I got an older brother when I was 15. (foster!)
9. I love tea.
10. I hate matching socks up after doing laundry.

Nikki said...

Ok Here is mine...

1. I lived in Germany twice.
2. I had my first baby at 17.
3. This is the second time my hubby has been in Iraq.
4. Bill was in Iraq with my youngest was born.
5. I was born in California.
6. I like to do cross word puzzles.
7. I LOVE to sing.
8. I took piano lessons for 3 years and still can't play.
9. I have a smiley face made of freckles on my belly. hehe
10. I like to make my own cards.

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Here's mine.

1. I'm 22 and still can't drive.

2. I'm the oldest of 6

3. I didn't get my first sister until I was 11 and 2/3.

4. We've named all of our dogs after food.

5. I have lived in 5 houses in a 7 1/2 year period.

6. I'm a pretty shy person in public.

7. I often get the hiccups whenever I eat something spicy.

8. I've been playing the piano for 13 1/2 years.

9. I always seem to get the giggles at the WRONG time. :)

10. I love my church.

Anonymous said...

This is a neat idea Tammy!!

1) I have three children.

2) I've been married to the same man for going on 20 yrs. (May 28th)

3) I hate to read (except my KJB...I love to read that!!!)

4) I graduated from high school in 1984 in Junction City, Kansas

5) I love to sew (although I don't do it is relaxing to me)

6) I love being on the computer (and reading everyone's blogs!!)

7) When I laugh hard I speak whale (you'll have to ask me to explain later!!..LOL)

8) My favorite color is red

9) I have a boxer/american bulldog mix dog named Addie

10) My first car was a Vega (does anyone remember those?)

Mrs. Happy Housewife said...

1. My favorite color is purple.
2. I was born at Ft. Benning Army Basy, GA.
3. My first crush was Zorro (Guy Williams - Disney).
4. I'm 30 and I don't have a driver's license.
5. My first job was babysitter. When I was 12, I would babysit 7 kids all day - and clean their house. For three dollars an hour.
6. I have been vegetarian, Catholic, and TV-free - but not all at the same time and none of those now.
7. I have scoliosis and should be 3 inches taller than I am.
8. I detest watermelon.
9. I'm terrified of spiders.
10. Before Kindergarden, I lived on a honey farm.

Mrs. Wilt said...

Okay, Tammy, here goes:

1. I was homecoming queen my senior year of high school.

2. To my knowledge, I have never broken a bone.

3. I was blond when I was little, but my hair has gradually turned to medium/dark brown.

4. My favorite ice cream is Breyers' vanilla.

5. I love the smell of freshly cut grass.

6. Fall is my favorite season.

7. My husband is almost 6 years older than me.

8. I would rather have a small circle of really close friends than a large number of acquaintances.

9. My favorite color is pink.

10. Singing makes me happy.

In His joy,
Mrs. Wilt

PS- I love the bookmarks. You are very talented, Tammy! :o)

Ornaments of Grace said...

Let's see.....

1. My middle name is NOT Belle! It is Marie :-)

2. I am an Assistant Pastor's Wife

3. I am told that I embarrassing! I never used too...LOL

4. I can finally praise the Lord for trials :-)

5. I was raise in the Church of God, but am now a Baptist

6. My son was saved yesterday at church...PTL!

7. I broke my arm when I was in the 7th grade and wanted to lie on the couch forever till it got parents decided against it and made me to go the ER....I kept insisting it would get better if they let me lie there for a bit :-)

8. I love to paint my nails and tootsies...lighter colors of course :-)

9. I love sandals!!!!!!!!!!!

10. I was saved when I was 16 and wasn't baptized until 2 years later.

This was too fun!


Kelleigh said...

#1 I can croquet granny squares.

#2 I love baked brussel sprouts.

#3 I’ve visited Kangaroo Island (but didn’t see any kangaroos).

#4 My second love is my Sunbeam

#5 I got ‘the ruler’ twice at school.

#6 I have never used a lawn mower.

#7 I was born in Sydney, Australia.

#8 I have been vegetarian most of my life.

#9 I discovered the blogosphere for the first time about 3 months ago!

#10 My brother-in-law wrestles crocodiles (no kidding).

Tammy said...

These are so much fun to read! Keep them coming! =)

I started working on the bookmark last night!

Queen of our castle said...

This is a neat idea, Tammy :o) I've loved reading the other responses. Feel free not to enter me in the competition as I live in England and postage may be more pricey for you if I did win. :o)

Here are my ten things:

#1 I gave my life to Christ sitting on the end of the pier at St Andrews in Fife, Scotland very late at night.

#2 I cannot bear to have the cups in my cupboard in the "wrong" order.

#3 I have the ability to control my own dreams, just like a movie director, but only if I am deeply asleep.

#4 When I was a child, my father told us he had won a sword from a "native" during the boer war and we believed him, until we worked out that he would have to be REALLY old to have done that.

#5 I have never flown in a plane.

#6 I can only crochet squares or rectangles.

#7 My first pair of spectacles were very large and bright red as I thought making a point of them would stop the teasing: it didn't exactly work.

#8 I met my husband when we were 16.

#9 My favourite take away food is fish and chips.

#10 I am scared of slugs.

Anonymous said...

These are great to read!
1. I love cats
2. I am English
3. My husband's mom is Californian
4. My husband and I were engaged twice (and married once!)
5. I always wanted boy babies but have been blessed with girls (and wouldn't have it any other way)
6. I have a sickness phobia
7. I love to sing
8. I was born-again/saved in a small catholic church in Venice after my travelling companion (a university friend) had cheerfully told me I was going to hell for not being a Catholic! God told me I wasn't because of what Jesus had done (I had been going to church since age 4 but never fully surrendered)
9. I talk too much
10. I love my church, been there 29 years.

Roberta said...! I did this at CH too! I'll just answer whatever comes to mind. :)
1. I am adopted and an only child.
2. Enjoy crocheting...washclothes
and booties.
3. Learning to knit, and also
crochet doilies.
4. Lived in England for 5 months, 2
weeks after getting married.
5. LOVE Thai food.
6. collect pink and green depression
7. Fresh tomatoes on my pizza..yum!!
8. Have a REALLY hard time with
heights and small spaces.
9. Am a definate people person but
can focus better one-on one or in
smaller group settings.
10.Babysat for a woman when I was a
teen who would pray with me
before I would go home and it was
such a blessing.

Tammy said...

These are so fun! =)

Queen of our castle~I'm counting you in! (I think so far there are three other countries besides the USA represented anyhow!) I like sending stuff to different countries! =)

Mrs. Gigi said...

1. I started to play the bassoon only six years ago. I play in a community orchestra.
2. I love baroque music.
3. I love to draw and paint as well as sew and knit.
4. I love seeing laundry drying outdoors waving in the breeze.
5. I love to prepare creative meals and surprise snacks for Husband.
6. I have six children, four grandchildren, five dogs, and a parrot.
7. I once lived on a boat all summer with my family.
8. I love to shop at ethnic markets for great food bargins and staples.
9. I am an information freak.
10. I have a passion to learn new skills.

Steph said...

ooh is it too late?
Here goes anyway...

1. i cannot type(still hunt and peck)
2. i love the color blue
3. i am afraid of heights
4. i am claustrophobic (sp)
5. i don't spell very well(thank you God for spell check)
6. i don't like mushrooms
7. would love to take photography classes
8. i play the piano
9. i cannot live without music
10. i own a Ruger 9mm handgun

deb said...

I'm way late but will add these in to participate...

1. I love being a mom.
2. My favorite color is purple, and my bedroom and bath are that color.
3. I love to scrapbook--for our family and for friends.
4. I love to smell skunks.
5. I didn't get married until I was 28. (I'm not sure if that had anything to do with skunks or not.) :)
6. A dog broke my arm when I was 13, no kidding.
7. I've had both my heels operated on for heel spurs. They are fine now.
8. I've been up in a hot air balloon and LOVED it!
9. I would love to meet President Bush.
10. I usually sign up for every contest or drawing around and have won a few things that are neat!