Thursday, April 20, 2006


I love fabric. I love walking into a fabric store and picking out fabric for a new project. I love the way a fabric store smells. Mmmm “new fabric” smell. (I’m not joking!) I also love fabric scraps. When I’m done with a project, I save all the scraps—big or little. There just might be a use for them one day, you know! Truthfully, I do use scraps for projects. So my reason for saving them isn’t altogether wrong. However, the scraps have piled and piled up, overflowing the two plastic containers that I have them stored in.

Last night, as part of my de-cluttering “mission” for my sewing room, I went through my fabric containers. One container has scraps, the other one has larger pieces of fabric. I forced myself to think realistically about each piece, and actually ended up with some room in each of the containers. That’s a good thing! Now I won’t have piles of fabric in my sewing closet. I filled a laundry basket with all the scraps I need to get rid of.

I’ll be listing the fabric scraps on Freecycle, along with several sets of curtains. I made the curtains, but they either do not fit the windows in our new house, or I am very tired of looking at them! I certainly got my use out of them! The two sets that I am tired of I made for our living room and dining room windows for our first apartment, then they were used in our second and third apartments, and in the last house we lived in. They were even on a window in our new house as a temporary measure. You see—I’ve gotten a lot of use out them, and while they are still nice, I just want a change!

I also found a few things to list on e-bay, which I will be listing in the next few days. I hope these things sell as well as the quilt tops did!

I still have a lot left to go through, but this is progress! I have never thought of myself as a "collector" or "hoarder" or a person with a lot of clutter. But now I'm realizing that this sewing room is one area that I have done a lot of collecting and hoarding!


Anonymous said...

You are describing me to a "T" Tammy. I too have scraps of fabric that I have not been able to part with. I'm like you. I keep thinking I'll have a use for them at some point. And it has proven when I needed to make some bean bags for an activity we did with our youth at church. I've also made rice packs and gave away as gifts. You can put them in the freezer to keep ice cold for those bumps and bruises that our husbands or little ones might get...or to keep in the cabinet to stick in the microwave for a minute or two to put on a sore or tight muscle or on your forehead when you have a splitting headache. You can make those in various sizes for the different needs. Um...let me see....I've made a dog bed for our dogs using alot of scraps as stuffing...and it goes on and on. I also have lots of material that are in bigger sections that are left over from different sewing projects. I had thought too about freecycling some of it but I keep thinking about the time I do that then I will have something come up that I would have needed it I don't do freecycle it! I know...I'm crazy!! I'm enjoying your blog by the way!

Tammy said...

Oh, I hear you! =) I don't think I'll lose any sleep over what I've gotten rid of though! I got rid of the scraps that I didn't really like in the first place! Hehe...I still have plenty more for crafts and projects!

Cherish the Home said...

"I love the way a fabric store smells. Mmmm “new fabric” smell. (I’m not joking!)"

And you laughed at me for my love of the smell of Murphy's Oil Soap?!? Hee Hee Hee! (o;

Tammy said...

LOL Mrs. B...I think I laughed that you wanted to wear it like perfume. ;-)